Addiction Freedom Mentoring

Working One on One, heal the bonds of your addiction with the insight from a mentor

who has personally been in the trenches and understands the pain of addiction.


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Start by booking a free 15-minute confidential chat with me. This way we can see what your needs are, what I can provide, and whether this is the right choice for you.


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When given the opportunity to work with anyone with their healing process, I consider it a sacred journey. For this reason, I only work with a few people at any given time. This is about you and your freedom!


Free Yourself from Addiction

Heal with the insight from a mentor who has personally been in the trenches and understands the pain of addiction. Start your journey today by getting my free mini course, “Break the Emotional Bonds of Addiction” and see what EFT can do for you.

Addiction Freedom with EFT

  • Working with me is not about being in a recovery program.
  • Working with me is about healing the underlying causes of your addiction, so you can put it to rest!
  • I am not suggesting you can return to your addiction and practice it or manage it in any healthy controlled manner.  
  • What I am saying is, healing your addiction using EFT is about being able to stop the perpetual inner emotional battle that continuously pulls you back into the self-destructive behaviors of your addiction. Then the battle will be over!

The purpose of addictions is a subconscious attempt to feel better, to numb out, to distract us, from old and/or current emotional pain.

Most approaches to working with addictions are about a daily attempt at managing the cravings and the addictive behaviors, thus only offering a daily reprieve. This can be very challenging and it is easy to find yourself in a relapse if something upsetting happens resulting in more shame and guilt.

My approach is to heal the underlying causes of your addiction once and for all so you no longer feel the cravings, and you no longer have the addict behavior. You’re not managing your addiction; you are healing it and that is the difference.

My Approach

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Is to identify the painful emotional triggers that continue to hold you hostage to your addiction.

Using the effectiveness of EFT, you can release these painful emotional triggers in a surprisingly short time.

By eliminating these painful emotional triggers, you can experience true freedom from your addiction.

Identify – Release – Freedom

My Philosophy: What I Have Learned Along the Way

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How to assist and teach you how to overcome the painful emotional triggers of your past that have kept you from your freedom.

To help you become inspired to pursue your journey of creating the life you desire.

For you to find your independence and to feel empowered.

The best teachers I had on my journey were the ones that never allowed me to create a dependency upon them for my well-being, but instead they encouraged me to trust myself and my abilities for my own well-being.

A.B. Queen

It's a fascinating journey to go deep inside, to discover the story you've been telling your whole life, and to be given the tools to tell a new story. All of this has resulted from my work with Steven. His kindness and compassion combined with his skills and knowledge of EFT provide a safe place in which to do this life-changing work. Tapping on a childhood incident that laid the groundwork for a lifetime of self-sabotage, I moved through deep sorrow, then into anger, until the emotional charge was gone. My relationships with family and colleagues are improving, as is my ability to focus on the work that I love. I never really believed these results were possible for me until I started working with Steven.

Break The Emotional Bonds of Addiction

I understand how difficult it can be to get the help you need.

Download my free mini-course on how you can start your journey towards freedom from addiction.