It's a fascinating journey to go deep inside, to discover the story you've been telling your whole life, and to be given the tools to tell a new story. All of this has resulted from my work with Steven. His kindness and compassion combined with his skills and knowledge of EFT provide a safe place in which to do this life-changing work. Tapping on a childhood incident that laid the groundwork for a lifetime of self-sabotage, I moved through deep sorrow, then into anger, until the emotional charge was gone. My relationships with family and colleagues are improving, as is my ability to focus on the work that I love. I never really believed these results were possible for me until I started working with Steven.


I have had a great experience working with Steven. I found it easy to relate to someone who has been in the trenches and worked on his own transformation. He really listens, and I've had some amazing shifts from our work.


When I first started working with Steven I struggled with rage and self-acceptance. I saw Steven twice a week to practice EFT and through that work I found some peace. Steven taught me how to accept and have compassion for myself. He showed me how I could reframe my past and the wounds I have carried with me from childhood. I found freedom from the fear driven rage I held onto so tightly, I feel blessed to have met Steven and to have EFT as a tool I can now use whenever I need.

*Names have been abbreviated to protect the privacy of my clients.

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