Heal Your Addiction...

Instead of Just Managing It

You can free yourself from the addiction that has been relentlessly controlling your life. 

Break the emotional bonds that have kept you chained to your addiction. I’ll show you how.

I'm steven isaacs

Addiction Recovery Mentor, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, and Addiction Survivor

I'll help you achieve freedom from your addictions and release the emotional pains, shame and guilt you may have experienced in your addict life. You will become free from your addiction instead of the endless attempts at trying to manage your behaviors so you can control your cravings and addiction without the fear of relapse looming over you.

Have you been trying for years to break free from your addiction, but instead feel more like you are just holding it at bay?

Sound familiar?

  • Feeling frustrated because of slow progress and not finding the peace you had hoped for?
  • Dealing with mood swings?
  • Fear of screwing it all up and using again?
  • Does shame and guilt from the past still have a hold on you?
  • Angry at yourself and then not feeling worthy?
  • Tired of managing your addiction instead of being free of it?
  • Have you lost someone to their addiction and now have a fear this could happen to you?

Are you ready, to finally heal from your addiction so it’s no longer consuming every part of your life? Stop trying to manage your addiction, and really set yourself free!

I will show you:

  • How to understand how emotional bonds can keep you locked into your addiction.
  • How to break free of these bonds.
  • How to be free of the thoughts of doubt and self-judgement that keep you frozen in place.
  • How to embrace the joy of living because you now have the freedom in your life do so!

why I do it

I’ve been there

I started my recovery journey from addiction 35 years ago. At that time my life was in complete shambles and I had destroyed every meaningful relationship I had. I was a total mess and the odds of me making it another day were stacked against me. I had finally hit the bottom and there wasn’t much left of me at this point.  

I tell my story so hopefully you will understand why I am so passionate about EFT and what I believe it can do for you. My hope for you is, that you will also find the power of this amazing technique, EFT/Tapping and free yourself.

Working with me is not about being in a recovery program.

Working with me is about healing the underlying causes of your addiction, so you can finally be free of it!

Becoming free is to be empowered to create the life you desire!

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckmeister Fuller


The Breakthroughs Some of My Clients Have Experienced...

H.H. from Australia

I have had a great experience working with Steven. I found it easy to relate to someone who has been in the trenches and worked on his own transformation. He really listens, and I've had some amazing shifts from our work.


When I first started working with Steven I struggled with rage and self-acceptance. I saw Steven twice a week to practice EFT and through that work I found some peace. Steven taught me how to accept and have compassion for myself. He showed me how I could reframe my past and the wounds I have carried with me from childhood. I found freedom from the fear driven rage I held onto so tightly, I feel blessed to have met Steven and to have EFT as a tool I can now use whenever I need.

Break The Emotional Bonds of Addiction

I understand how difficult it can be to get the help you need.

Download my free mini-course on how you can start your journey towards freedom from addiction.