Pull Back the Veil...

Let Your True Freedom Shine

Discover Your True Freedom From Addiction

Are you struggling with your addiction even though you’re in a Recovery Program? Tired of trying to manage your addiction on a daily basis? It doesn’t have to be that way; I know I’ve been there too. 

You can break free from the addiction that has relentlessly controlled your life. I can show you how.

I'm steven isaacs

Addiction Recovery Mentor, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, and Addiction Survivor 36+ Years

I can help you achieve freedom from your addiction by helping you release the emotional bonds that continue to keep you bound to your addiction. You can free yourself of the shame and guilt of the past and stop the endless attempts at trying to manage your behaviors, hoping to control your cravings, while the fear of relapse looms over you.

Do You Want to Take Your Recovery Program

from Addiction to the Next Level?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help you do that.

You Can Set Yourself Free!

I will show you:

  • How emotional bonds can keep you chained to your addictions
  • How these emotional bonds can become triggers for relapse
  • How to break free from these bonds using EFT
  • How to be free from the thoughts of doubt and self-judgement that have kept you frozen in your addiction

Experience the joy of your freedom!


I Struggled To Break Free From My Addiction Too!

I started my recovery from addiction 36 years ago. In the beginning I was told to sit down, shut up, get a sponsor, go to meetings, and work the steps, and I did exactly that. Sadly, I never felt completely free. 

When I learned how to use EFT in conjunction with my recovery process, things that once held me back in life no longer had a strangle hold on me. 

My life took on a new found freedom.   

This is why I’m so passionate about EFT, and what I believe it can do for you. 

I hope that you will also find the power of this amazing technique, EFT/Tapping and find your freedom too.

Working with me is not about replacing your recovery program, or any other healing modalities. 

It is about using and learning how to use EFT in conjunction with other healing modalities in recovery. 

EFT is not Talk Therapy. 

You learn how to tap on yourself from the comfort of your own place/home. All sessions are done online. 

Working with me is about healing underlying emotions that feed your addiction, so you can finally break the bonds that keep you chained to it. 

It is about becoming empowered so you can create the life you desire!

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckmeister Fuller


The Breakthroughs Some of My Clients Have Experienced...

H.H. from Australia

I have had a great experience working with Steven. I found it easy to relate to someone who has been in the trenches and worked on his own transformation. He really listens, and I've had some amazing shifts from our work.


When I first started working with Steven I struggled with rage and self-acceptance. I saw Steven twice a week to practice EFT and through that work I found some peace. Steven taught me how to accept and have compassion for myself. He showed me how I could reframe my past and the wounds I have carried with me from childhood. I found freedom from the fear driven rage I held onto so tightly, I feel blessed to have met Steven and to have EFT as a tool I can now use whenever I need.

Break The Emotional Bonds of Addiction

I understand how difficult change can appear. I had many of those feelings too. But, the fear of things never changing was too much to accept. You're not alone in this journey and you are always the one in charge of your healing.

Contact me for a Free Confidential Chat to see what EFT can do for you.